So I just graduated highschool, and with a little help from my graduation money, I scrambled enough cash together to purchase a Schecter Hellraiser C-1FR :

Its brand new and I tried it extensively at my local guitar store before finally deciding to purchase. When I was deciding between my options, I knew I wanted something that:
1) Had an Official Floyd Rose Tremolo
2) Could play metal very well and yet still had a versatile look (with different pickups than my other guitar)
3) Had a mahogany neck/body with 24 frets
..and looking nice didn't hurt either

The Hellraiser fits all of those features, and more. I am thoroughly impressed with the great metal sound I get through the EMG pickups, but its the versatility of the guitar is what really blew me away. I especially enjoy the coil-tap feature, which allows me to get a very different, sort of lighter and cleaner sound through the guitar when I activate it. And the trem stays in tune no matter what I do to it. It is definitely a metal-focused guitar, but certainly a lot more versatile than any previous one I have owned. Overall, I am very happy with it, and anyone looking for a guitar with these features should look no further.

Did I mention it was ****ing beautiful???

Set Up:
Schecter Hellraiser C-1FR
AMP: Peavey Vypyr Tube 60W
Sanpera Footpedal
HNGD! 1 word of warning though, the finish on my Schecter's Floyd Rose wore out in just a few weeks, so be prepared to see a lot of the black chrome finish to fade away if you palm mute a lot.
I approve. Relax, I know you were worried.

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I approve. Relax, I know you were worried.

It would have taken less time to scroll sideways than make this post that nobody gives a shit about.

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I love the whole "blood red" finish

I hate you.

So much.
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