Hello there! I´m new to the forum This is one of my projects, I´m not workink on it because I don´t have much time, but as soon as I enter a break from college, will put some more effort into it. Sorry about writing mistakes...credits to myself

Progress towards myself

There I stood
Looking at the clock
Moving, turning
Enjoying just spinning around

I stood quiet
Waiting for things to come
But never truly understood
Being alone won´t help me get up.

I thought it all was clear
I could see what I wanted to be
A vague reflection of the history
Evidence of a prominent future

Two more spins around the clock since I arrived
And though nothing seems to change
Something inside me awakens my deepest doubts
Questioning myself, the world

Overtakes the mind, the heart
Fill you with anger, hate and love
Makes you wonder about the ones you know
Aren´t they evil disguised of truth?

Tireless seek of the truth
Search the revenge and joy
This is my third lap around the clock
Where I finally took a gasp of life

I reached true love just to find there´s no truth just, just different points of view
Back then I knew that hunger was a consequence of our actions
I realized how valuable it´s my life, but none of that worth will help me when I die
And that the only thing I can guarantee it´s death

Two more times I watched the clock go around
And still not satisfied
So much I miss those empty Tuesdays
The passion of music
I miss the excitement of adventure, exploring, chasing girls
Happy with what I have, but still
…not pleased

And suddenly, in a blink of an eye
I can´t move
My senses are starting to fall, with me behind
I ignore my doubts
My worries
´Cause I learned that emotion of the heart it´s more essential than the knowledge of the mind
I learned the best way of living my life, as soon as my end begins
And at last, I know the truth
My truth… in the final stage of my time.