Can you spport laissez faire capitalism and be against globalization?

define both terms in your own words then we'll talk.

EDIT: in my opinion, if you think of globalization from a worldwide point of view, yes; however, it isn't very logical imo. if you think of globalization from a regional point of view, no.
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Laissez Faire: Government stays out of economy/market/industries.

Globalization: An industry growing to a worldwide scale.

Seems like the government doesn't need to be involved to have globalization of an industry occur. Not likely, but possible.

Let's see... So this person would say...

"I want the government to stay out of the market, but I want the market to stay right here."

Yeah, why couldn't you support that? You're implying that without control, any market will globalize. Kinda. Just the way I took it.
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If anything, the government would prevent globalization. The most power it has in that area would be tariffs, embargoes, etc., or, for example, outlawing outsourcing. Businesses only do what is profitable, without regards to ethics or ideals (I don't mean that in a bad way, it just is), so if you are against globalization you would have to get the government involved (or become a terrorist). But you can always say "in an ideal world it is this way" and support whatever you want. Unfortunately you probably have to make a choice between laissez faire or globalization.
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