hi guys i wrote this song yesterday and recorded it today and im looking for some feedback.
ive been listening to the beatles quite a bit lately and really admiring their talent for keeping things simple. they have inspired me to try to make my songs more concise and to the point, so this song is an exercise in doing that. i dont think im finished with it yet, im thinking of adding some drums and maybe harmonizing some of the vocal parts but this is the core of it right here.

the song is called Part Of You on the profile, so please give it a listen.
of course i will happily have a look at your stuff as well, just please leave a link

thank you and i hope you enjoy
It sounded good. The only "bad" thing I noticed was that your singing might have been a tad off at times but that's it really. It's a cool song. Maybe adding some different parts would spice it up but you said you're going for a simple sound so maybe that's how you want it. Also, thanks for critting mine.
I like the vocal melody. The lyrics have some nice ideas. I like the acoustic guitar, and simplicity of the song. Yeah real good job man. I was wondering if as a singer you have to think about singing in the same key as the other instruments, or do you just sing? Soz thats off topic but just a question i've had on ma mind.

hey an i would realy appreciate it if you checked out my attempt at song writing aswel...


pls comment!!

and oh wow your untitled acoustic into just started playing and yeah i like the guitar part its really catchy and sinister and it really sets the mood for a good song. Good luck!
Not bad. I like the simplicity of it. The guitar playing is nice and chill. You have a good voice too. The one thing I didn't like was that there wasn't really a big melodic hook. I dunno how to explain it but I kept wanting the song to explode - not volume wise, but melodically. I wasn't really sure which part was the chorus. Try to come up with a catchy melodic hook for the chorus and really emphasize it - I think that's just what the song needs to really stand out.

But it's a solid track. I like it. Good work and keep on writing. IMO simple is better so nice job.

Mind taking a look at mine?