Okay, heres the deal: When I play power chords, i use my index on the E and i do a bar over the A and D with my ring finger. My buddy, however, uses index on E, ring on A, and pinky on D. Which is correct or does it matter??
Doesn't matter. It's all about preference. I use both methods, and sometimes I'll use the index and pinky. It's all about whatever you're comfortable doing.
Well for a full barre you're usually gonna want to do it like your buddy, so its probably a better habit to play it like that. That's how I play my power chords...
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Doesn't matter, I switch between the two depending on what I'm playing. Do whatever feels most comfortable.
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As a guitar instructor, I'd teach you to play it the way you're doing it - doing the barre on the A and D strings. For me, it's the fastest way to play it. However, if you were bent on playing it with three fingers, I certainly wouldn't stop you. As someone else has said, it's all about comfort and what works for you.
it's less about comfort and what works for you - it's more about what makes it easier to play the selection you're attempting to play. in the case that it really makes no difference, then do it how you are most comfortable.

that's really it.
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