Hey im a big megadeth/anthrax/slayer fan and metallica is good enough to pay 10 bucks to see live, (or 70 but then again anthrax is worth like 2000 for me, and megadeth.... ill need to get a second mortage on a house i dont even own, and im alrdy seeing carnage ) but the theaters that say id be able to see em at (amc century city) Says they are not selling the tickets this day, while the big 4's site says they'll be playing there and that their on sale now.... wtf is goin on, anyone have a simmilar problem? can u help me?
buy the ticket in advance
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yeah, thats the problem, is they're not letting me, its happening in a month from tomorrow
Oh, and it's "similar."

And "already."

And "they're."

And "I'd."

Plus "you."
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