My bassist has a question for everyone and he doesn't feel like making a profile so I'm just going to ask for him?

What are some bands that use bass distortion pedals? Or when would be a good time to use one?
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A lot of metal bassists use distortion ... like, A LOT. You just don't notice it because it's buried under the guitars.

Not all of them should though, it has the potential of sounding terrible if you don't play right.
flea uses OD occasionally like in the intro for around the world at slane
muse uses them occasionally, songs that come to mind are hysteria, new born (the heavy part after the keyboards), supermassive black hole and uprising

also, i'd say a good time to use such pedals would be during a bass breakdown or solo. in my band, i use it for only one out of the 4 songs we have (so far) and thats only a very short breakdown. use it through the whole song, it can get lost in the mix
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I use just bit with ME 50B. I use the Tech 21 Sans Amp model. A little fuzz is good in small doses. A clean tube like sound is the way to go IMO.
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ideal bass distortion.
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My bassist for my band uses an MXR Blue Box, but only so it provides a very light colouration on the sound, just to give it some edge and definition.

Otherwise, Chris from Muse uses it frequently, fuzz and Big Muffs mostly.