Please check out my songs! they're on my profile, the newest ones I made were "Last Step On Mars" and "The Beating", would love some feedback on those songs. Sorry, they don't have vocals yet, I'm still trying to find a vocalist. THANK YOU GUYS!!! rock on!
I'm listening to The Beating. Really great lead work, I like your tone. Fits in with the mood of what the rhythm guitar is doing. Oh damn when the drums and such came in it sounded really good and full. Good contrast to the intro. Your tone is spot on for every guitar track IMO, nice and heavy. Nice solo also. I really like when you start harmonizing the leads. Honestly there isn't much to improve on. Get a vocalist ASAP because this could be a really solid song. Also a real drummer would be nice but TBH your drum machine didn't sound that bad.

I listened to a bit of the other one, also nice but ya definitely get a vocalist. I do like how you don't just shred the whole time - you have nice melodic stuff going on and you obviously left room for a vocalist.

Kinda a different style but let me know what you think of mine if you get a chance. Thanks!


Those are some pretty nice instrumentals! Good timing and technique, you're better than me when I was you're age so keep at it and you'll be an excellent musician in no time!

For how long have you been playing? Are you in a band? If not you should certainly get one.

I got some instrumentals on my profile, too and I would appreciate it a lot if you checked them out. The newest ones are Nux Vomica and Pelagic Perception.
Why not listen to my songs on my profile?
Thanks for comments guys! You guys rock! I've been playing for about 1 and half years now and yeah I'm in a band but they've got other commitments so I'm basically a solo artist but it's always fun to jam with them. I'll check your stuff out ASAP.
Hey dude! Thanks for the crit on my song!

I really like The Beating. In the intro (before the drums come in) I love your tone, but there are some (minor) timing issues. When the drums come in, the song really kicks in, and again I really like your tone! There's not really much I can crit about it, it sounds amazing. If I had to say something, it would be that the song seems to lack structure and consistency, but that might be because it's only my first listen.

Last Step on Mars is even better! I like the atmosphere the song creates. Again, your tone is brilliant and the rhythm and lead add up to a perfect harmony, barring a few "off" notes in the lead score here and there. I also heard a minor timing mistake here and there, but nothing major to worry about. Overall, great job on both tunes, you rock dude!

Since your crit on my last song, I made a new one care to crit that one too?

And as promised, here are my crits on "Harmony, Symphony" and "Attract".

Listening to Harmony, Symphony now. I like the rhythm tone, once again! Great work! The lead bits in the intro were a bit weird, but as soon as the song got going, they seemed to blend in much better with the rest of the instruments. Overall, I think this is a great song with some good riffwork.

Attract might be the best I've heard by you. I absolutely love the rhythm guitar on this song! The tone is, once more, spot on! I especially love the lead tone that comes in at about 1:40. Great stuff! I also realise I haven't commented on your production yet: I think the mixing is amazing! Barring a few spots where the lead seems "off" (like, doesn't really blend in with the rest of the instruments, like I've heard a few times on your songs), this song pretty much hits the nail on the head. Very well done, congrats!
i loved the beating. cool idea. i liked how it was layerd. started out with a good, kind of chilling sound. then. after the 1 min mark. it got heavy with some distortion. that was candy to my eares. good stuff. i realy dig this track man. im going to send it to some of my buddies. good stuff. i can hear allot of different influences. from floyd to zeppelin to more modern stuff. i dig it man.

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