Hello everyone.
I'm trying to have a decent recording of my electric guitar on the laptop so i decided to buy a usb audio interface.
I choose M-Audio Fast Track, but now i don't what's the difference between the Fast Track II and MK2 (since the prices are similar).
Which one is the best to buy?
The first M-Audio fast track looked like this:

The newer update version, (Fast Track MKII) has a different case....im sure they probably put the same old preamp and guts in the new design but changed some things like added phantom power.

The new MKII looks like this:

The only major difference I see between the two is the newly added phantom power for condenser mics.

Being the price is so similar, the sound will be very close between the two but if I were buying today, I would go with the newer MKII version.
Thanks for your answer but i said Fast Track II (not 1) and MKII :P
Anyway i just realized that they are the same thing (don't know why some sites call it Fast Track II and others MKII).
So.. no problem on choosing, thnx.