I'm using an Alesis IO express and that into guitar rig 4. When I just start guitar rig there's nothing wrong, but after a while I get this strange noise. like there is a delay wich sounds like burning. It repeats a couple of time and than disappears. Then when I play again the noise returns.
I stopped a lot of windows processes closed some programs, but it didn't work.
Does anybody know what this is?

Also another question about guitar rig.
Is there a way to record with reaper using the effects from guitar rig?

I have reaper too, and is there even a possibilitie to record with that? x'D But I think it might become difficult... But you can save your file, and see if it can convert into MP3... If it can, just use that by loading it into Reaper... That's partially what you're asking to know, right? If not, just say so
Yes you can record with reaper. it's what I usually do. I know you can record with guitar rig, but i find it way easier recording with reaper. instead of just recording with guitar rig and then loading it into reaper.
you can use guitar rig in reaper,

1) locate the vsts that were installed together with guitar rig
2) move them to a folder like reaper/vst
3) in reaper (under options) set the default vst folder to reaper/vst

now you can use guitar rig like you would normally, but also record multiple tracks at a time, or even with different presets (you'll find guitar rig under fx: vst)

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Do you have any idea where these vsts are? Can't seem to find them
Quote by Joowst
Do you have any idea where these vsts are? Can't seem to find them

when you installed it you should've gotten the option where you want to put it, but just search for this:
guitar rig 4.dll
thats the file you should be placing in your default vst folder

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