Hi, me and my friends wants to make a "Remix" of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35cKvLz0ipw but we dont really know what kind sounds we want and if we want to have electric all the time or if we should have acoustic in the start and then give it some nice electric rifts What do you think? Sound like a good thought? and ofc if we manage to do it well, we might post it later so plz give us tips and recommendations
^this :3 But if you decide to go acoustic first, you might want to cut down on the distortion when on electric, or it might ruin the balance you have with this kind of song...
That's funny I was trying work out how to some dubstep stuff the other day. I was thinking of using my loop pedal with heavy distortion and then reversing it. Haven't tried it yet though. Let me know if you find any good ways of getting the heavier sounds.