Need to sell this soon to pay back freind and fix a broken car .

In virtually new condition , never left the house . Is only 4 months old , still in box.

contact me for photos/ more info

can post for an extra 10-15 quid or can local pickup (im in the swindon area, wiltshire , just off the M4 )

thanks muchly

I need to sell this , I have a dead car and no money to fix it . I only have this to sell , why do you ask?
Well, I would jump on this if you would trade for my Blackstar. However, it would be unfair on my end to give you £100 on top.
Would love to mate . But I have a dead car 2 kids and work all week so i REALLY need car fixage money
Holy sheet! Well, if your situation changes, which I wish you all the luck with, swing a PM my way. . Good luck