Okay, so I'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but my main axe is a Parker P-38. I know it's not a metal guitar, don't tell me something I already know. But I don't just play metal, I love jazz and blues, both of which the P-38 does very well, and I don't have the money to afford multiple guitars for multiple jobs.

My amp is a Peavey Classic 30. One of the older ones with the tweed case and leather handle. It's beautiful, but I can't play it above the first volume notch due to living in flats with paper-thin walls. I'm selling it and hopefully picking up a Line 6 Pod or Pod 2 instead, as it better fits my lifestyle.

Anyway, I want to replace the Parker pups. I'd like a crunchy humbucker, and a bitey neck single coil. I don't have a massive budget and play mostly in my flat, but I'm planning on gigging within the next couple of years. My main metal passion is Opeth, if I could get anywhere near their godly tone with the Parker I would be happy.

Please help!
if your trying to get a awesome tone without killing your pocket check out GuitarFetishPickups

GFS Pickups

also if your planning on gigging, that Line 6 will kill you entirely.
any other ideas?
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Irongear have nice models for that setup. Steamhammer is designed for metal play with a more scooped response curve and the Alchemist 90 is a humbucker sized P90 to give you those rich neck tones. Bargain prices, too.
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