Behold, the Obelisk
Your thoughts cast in gold
But your eyes grow old
You shadow still black

Reffering to a figure in society, trying to force his opinions on another

We don't care about your politics
We don't want to take a risk
Semi-Circle nation
Chameleon as the moon
Tied up black and red
Dive for the loon

I think I'll take the first two lines and add it to the first stanza, and add another two lines to this. BTW the loon represents the Maine bird, that often dives for food. You just never know how long he'll be down, or where he'll come up.

Semi-Circle nation
The other half was eaten up
Corruption and Lies
Here we are, rolling forward;Down the hill
Whose going to help us
Get to the bottom of this?

Judging from the views of people I've seen, this country is going downhill. I could do better with this metaphore.

Semi-Circle nation
Grounds of incineration
Burnt our dream
For gold made of green

More political metaphor.

So I just wrote this in stream of conscious type thing. I don't exactly what I'm getting at, or if it makes sense . But I like it so thats all that matters Anywho, I'd like to add more to it and make this a full song. Maybe try to evolve the circle into a sphere to reflect on the cultural diversity and color it a little more. I want to put in a stanza that is a little more abrasive to the reader, too. Also, fill that other half. Throw me some feedback!

This just came to me too, let me know if y'all like it better:

Behold the Obelisk
Your thoughts cast in Gold
But your eyes grow old
Your shadow still Black
We're just following you.