I have a slightly used (one owner) Epiphone SG Prophecy Custom EX. It is the one with the ebony fretboard, and has EMG 81/85's. Everything is in perfect condition and working properly except the volume knob. It never stops spinning even after it's passed maximum volume, and if you keep twisting it you can feel it come loose. The volume control itself still works perfectly. This will come with an Epiphone SG Guitar case built specifically for this model.

I will take $450 for this baby, case included. It retails brand new $650 without a case. Please only local buyers. If you need more info or are interested in purchasing this please email me @ kpatterson14206@gmail.com

I also have a used 30W Peavy Vypyr amplifier, with all things included and in perfect working order. This thing retails brand new for $199, I'll take $100 for it.

If you buy both the guitar and the amp I'll let them both go for $500.
i have an SG prophecy but where can i get a hardshell case for it? its to big for most normal ones