ok here it is i am down sizing currently i have a marshall vs1oo series 2 100watt and a spider3 150 combos (yes i know a spider what was i thinking) but as i am no longer gigging or jamming 100watts is just far to loud for me by myself so looking to sell these 2 and buy either a little 5 watt tube amp maybe the bugera v5 or the vox or go for a larger 20 watt ss

dean fbd and epiphone les paul

styles from blues to metal price range lets say abouut 200 - 250 pounds sterling
and im willing to go used

so any help here on the amp for me would be a great help as i dont know much lol
I'm guessing your style is rock/metal, in which case I'd go for a blackstar HT-5 for tube.
just selling them 2 amps to get rid of them but looking to buy new amp first then get rid of the two old ones cant see me making much money on them lol
ok just seen a tiny terror head and a vox night train or tiny terro combo all for under 200 they suit me ?
go and try
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The night trains better than the TT from what ive seen.
You need a cab though.

And it probably wont do metal, but you could get a distortion pedal to do that.
yeah most of those smaller amps aren't aimed at brootz or even hard rock. disto pedal or od (or both ) will help, but if that's the main type of music you want to play...

exception might be the ht5, i haven't tried it, though.
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