Hey everyone!

Inspiration has got the better of me it seems, because after recording my first original a few days ago, here's another one! Again, this song was completely composed, recorded and produced by me. Hope you enjoy it!

ZeGuitarist - Window Sill Philosophy (Original)

C4C as always.

Very nice production. It's nice to listen to good quality music.

You have a great singing-voice.

The chorus is nice with the strings etc. Very nice emphasis etc. The song goes for a very good, short and sweet commercial length.

I'd to hear some vocal harmonies in there, I think your voice would fit that very well.

Outro was pretty cool.

Overall, was a nice, short and sweet song. 9/10. Throw in some vocal harmonies if you're into that sort of thing and it's a 10.


Intro Story / Credits in my signature. Thank you.

EDIT: I've probably said this somewhere before, it's strange since it's very different genres but you remind me of Michael Kiske. He's an amazing singer.
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Shit man, again this is great. I love it and I'm not shitting you, this is really really good. Very mellow, your voice is so so so great! I wish you were my vocalist :P The strings in the song really adds emotion, it just fits in brilliantly! I hope you have another one up in no time, it's a pleasure to listen to your songs

Would you mind critiquing "Attract" and "Harmony, Symphony"? They're both on my profile/

Great, great job man. I really enjoyed it!
I think I like "slowdance" a little bit more for some reason, but both are very well produced, and very relaxing works of music. the clarity of sound is right on, and the strings sound surprisingly good. what program are you using to record and to make the strings sounds?
Once again, I really like your singing voice. The drums sound kinda unconventional, which I like. It really fits everything. The first little break is sort of weird, I don't know if it was out of time or just because I couldn't hear the notes you played that well. When your voice gets higher around 2:00, I thought the vocals sounded a little off, but in your normal range, it sounds great. The instrumentals in this seemed very repetitive, but that's kind of characteristic of this genre. It sounds like something that would be done commercially or for the mainstream audience, which isn't bad, but just thought I'd point that out. I do like how the drums differentiate it from most mainstream music some, as I said before.

Very good job overall, and I will continue to want to be able to sing like you.

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Thanks for the crits guys! Will crit back soon

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What program are you using to record and to make the strings sounds?
My DAW is Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition, and for the strings I'm using Miroslav Philharmonik (VST plugin).