I need some help ordering my pedals. I have just 3 pedals (hehe).

Fulltone OCD
Digitech Whammy
Digitech Hardwire Delay

I was wondering what would be the best order? I am really confused because the Digitech has a wet added and dry added. I'm also using a Peavey Valveking 112 so it has a buffered effects loop. I was thinking of putting the delay through the effects loop?

Thanks for your help
If you want the delay to sound cleaner and more present you can put it in the effects loop, but if you like it in with the other pedals Bogg808 has it right.

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I have heard good things about the Valveking 112, glad to hear it has an effects loop.

What about Chorus, Flanger, OD, Fuzz & EQ? Which one of those can, or (as some would say) should, go in the Effects Loop?

I'll be looking at this Amp in the future. Is it good for Classic/Hard Rock? What's the Reverb like?

-Major Bludd
EQ, chorus, flanger in the effects loop. OD and fuzz in front.

The amp needs an EQ for distortion clarity. Without it, it's a muddy mess. As well, it also needs a speaker change and new tubes for optimal tone quality. Once you have these things, it's pretty good. I recommend buying used to offset the costs of new tubes, speaker and EQ. You can often find a used VK with a new speaker and sometimes new tubes anyway.

If you don't wanna do some upgrades, go for the Jet City JCA20 - it's better for classic/hard rock from the get-go. Keep in mind it's one channel and no effects loop. The VK has metal more within reach than the JCA20 has.
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