Hello, i am trying to set up my acoustic guitar so that i can blend a clean (normal acoustic guitar) and dirty (effects loop) channel together into one output, i.e. John Butler does something similar. I have my guitar wired with a LR Baggs M1A which will give me the dirty tone, and a Shure SM57 for the clean tone. Is there some sort of pedal i can use to connect both of these channels and blend them together into one? (i believe John Butler uses a volume pedal, i have no knowledge of volume pedals however) I need to make the blended signal into only one output (i use an apogee one to record and only have one input)
I'd look into using either an A/B/Y in conjunction with a signal merger, or some sort of external effects loop with a "Y" function if you can find one. I wanted to do this a while ago and came up short on results (might be different now) is I figured the best way would be to build something to do it.

This is a diagram I drew up a while ago for this purpose. Its easy to build and all you need is 3 mono jacks and a blend pot. you plug in the two outputs from the A/B/Y pedal to the two outputs (doesn't matter which, just remember whats what) and connect your amp to the single jack on the right. setting the pot in the middle detent gives a equal blend and turning the pot to either side gives more of one input until it maxes out that input. To set it up in your case, put your signal chain between this pedal and one of the outputs of the A/B/Y so you can have a clean channel and a dirty channel going into the blend pedal.

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