As fairly new to guitars I have a question. I recently read a post saying that you should always coil your cables after you are done playing. Does that have any merit?
I have a short cable(3 meters) in my bedroom rig which more or less just lies there after I am done playing and I was wondering if I was shortening the cable's lifespan by doing that.
I did a quick google and forum seach and didn't find anything at first, so I hope the seasoned guitarist here can help me.
if i had to make a guess, the coiling is to make sure you dont break it in some way. mine just lies on the floor of my room. (heh
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Yea your not going to damage your cables if you just let them lie around. Most of the time the thing that fails on a cable is around the input, and that just happens with use. So honestly its not going to do much, but I guess it wouldnt hurt to coil them up if it makes you feel better about it.
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