Hi I have a band called Killitorous, we feature members from: today I caught the plague, A Legend Falls and Blind Witness......thought I'd put up a link my bands website, we have a new album coming out next month that we've been working on with Chris Donaldson from CRYPTOPSY!!!

we have some pre production tracks up and some videos, let me know what you guys think!
edgy name, mate
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Acid has been causing problems on this thread for a while. He just likes attention because he never got/gets enough from his parents or something.
Dude, I have totally heard of you guys! Haha
Gotta rep the Canadian metal. I'm in a Nova Scotian band called To Oblivion, and our management team has a deal with the graphic design group that does stuff for you guys, if I'm not mistaken, so I guess there's a connection between us, haha. Six degrees of separation, eh?
Good stuff man! Keep it up.
Who wrote the blood and water chapter anyway? Probably some surly dad, only child, thirty cats.
thanks mang! im glad you dig the stuff!add me to facebook or some shizzzz

we posted a new track yesterday from our upcoming ep, which is currently being mastered by chris donaldson from CRYPTOPSY