What guitar do you recommend?
I'm looking for a non-amplified acoustic guitar which is good for rock acoustic songs.
Right now I think I will go for the Yamaha FG730S but I would like to hear what you think (:

I like the sound of Taylors but they cost too much ):
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I'll be the first to say it, any guitar can be used for any style. I've seen a few guys using classical guitars for rock songs, and it sounded just fine.

To get more into it, the guitar you have picked out is a very good guitar, and should serve you fine in your rock endeavors. Taylor guitars, as I've been told, were actually intended to be the "acoustic guitar for the electric guitarist." You could probably find one of the 100/200 series guitars used for a fairly low price, even one of the 300 series used can be a pretty decent deal. Of course there always is the option of saving up for a few more months and getting a better guitar all together.

Some other brands to look at are Seagull, Alvarez, Blueridge, and Washburn. All of them make very good quality guitars for a decent price, many of them having solid tops on them as well.
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Breedlove. very similar to the taylor sound and playability, but cost a good bit less. honestly, i'd take one of those over most taylors i've played.
the yamaha fg730s has less sparkle on the top end than the "typical" taylor, which can be a plus for leads at the lower price range. if you want more bass, i'd suggest a blueridge dread - probably a br-40 if your budget is low. and ditto to obeythepenguin on overdriving the top on cedar top seagulls.

breedloves are really in a higher price range than the fg730s, and the ones i prefer are over a grand as a rule, although there's a roots dread i thought was very nice.