Agile AL-3200 just got it and was surprised by the quality of it. Plays beautifully. Wonderful neck. Here she is! sorry for the big pics, I dont know how to resize them

Edit: I was skeptical about buying a guitar without even playing it but I am glad that I did. The neck feels fantastic and is smooth playing. It is a neck thru and sounds great. Needed new strings but thats no biggie. I might change out the pickups sometime soon but for the time being they are good enough. Weighs alot more then my Ibanez's but hey this thing is one big chunk of wood. This thing is a beast now all it needs to be complete is a name.

picture doesnt to it justice

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Looks good, congrats! But you better get a review in here or you'll get it locked.
WoW Beautifull!
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