Hey guys, I've been playing guitar for a little over three years now, and have become a rather competent player, with alot of help from you folks in MT (sorry, there isn't a hat-tip smiley). I've been jamming regularly for a while now, and am o.k. at soloing. My music theory knowledge is decent. O.k. that's the background, now on to the question. When we jam, we do Grateful Dead stuff alot, so there's alot of room for playing with solos. My question is, how should I go about learning to play solos that follow the vocal melody by ear (I call them lyrical solos, if that is the wrong phrase, let me know). Thanks in advance homeslices.
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What, why would you want to just harmonize your solo with a vocal melody? That sounds really boring.

Also, you would do it by just using your ear...

And I doubt they are called lyrical solos
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i have a solution to your problem. take this statement:

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My question is, how should I go about learning to play solos that follow the vocal melody by ear

and divide it into a question/answer pair.

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Q: My question is, how should I go about learning to play solos that follow the vocal melody?

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A: by ear.
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A more practical solution would be to listen to... um... Europe

Forget any stigma's attached to them... Kee Marcello is one of the best guys to have done this. He has an instructional vid as well... old and cheesy... but oh so useful. Think about it, seriously. I doubt anyone here could give you solid info like Kee would.
He also guests on In Flames' track "Coerced Coexistence" at about 2:50... wicked solo... but not following a vocal melody at all... swedish jam I guess.
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lyrical solos are solos that are so passionate they almost send a message to the listener(i think). You have to find the key of the song, and then just figure it out with the scale degrees to find the vocal melodies, though that is the most overused solo trick on the planet.
As the guy above said, it's just a matter of finding the key of the song, and using the scales associated with it. Then through trial/error you can figure out the vocal melody.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Or if you already know how to play the melody, then you could just embellish it. As Jiminy Cricket said, "Let the melody be your guide".

Here's the video that I saw on that if anyone is interested.

But if you're just interested in using the vocal line itself as a solo then do what they said above.
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