Dude, OK my rhythm guitarist has a Gibson SG and someone yanked the patchcord out of his input jack where I think the wood wasn't as thick and it snapped and went into the guitar. I'm thinking of opening it up and wood gluing it for a temporary fix.
If it doesn't work, we're screwed because we have a show tonight :/
Sorry, I didn't actually ask anything. Would it be a dumb idea to do that? What would you guys recommend doing?
Im actually having some trouble visualizing the damage, but if the damage you are speaking of is mainly damage to the wood then I think, making a good bond with wood glue would work from that point on he will have to be much more careful with the input jack.
if you can get a decent hold then it should be fine at least for one show as long as he's careful with it. it really depends on how it broke, how much surface area you have to work with as far as gluing goes, if it's possible to clamp while drying, etc.

edit: also, just for the sake of having a playable guitar for the night, you could like plug a cable into the jack and find a way to secure it inside the body so it doesn't fall out. won't look pretty, but it'll get the job done.
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I may have misunderstood, but the damage is to the wood, right?

Then, I suggest you put something like this

under the nut that holds the jack in place, and some kind of washer on the other side of the wood (inside the guitar). Without the Rythm/Treble text, though.

It will not be pretty, but at least not os ugly as using a metallic washer. And it will probably be more durable than repaired wood.
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