I live at the first floor of a small building in a small town in Romania.I was eating with my brother in the balcony. There is a small old house right in front of my balcony. The family living there is a bit too big for the house and they were always the poorer family in the neighborhood.
I've known the people for years because I've lived here all my life and they've been here long before me. As far as I know only one of them is employed selling cigarettes and stuff near buss stop in town (Don't think she earns much).
And here is the story:
Lately there's this old dude who's been showing up every day about 11 am with something in a little plastic bag and letting the chicken out (i'm guessing he is bringing food for them or something). He hangs around till the evening. From my little balcony I can see most of what's going on over there. It's really weird. No one really talks to him that much, in fact they are really indifferent to his presence.
At first I thought he made a deal with them to let him keep a few chicken in the yard (renting the yard for the chicken) but it's weird because even after the chicken are fed he still hangs around. Taking care of chicken isn't something that would occupy one's entire day (you just feed them and let them stroll around the yard for a while).
Me and my brother have been having this stupid inside joke that the guy could be some pervert that has a strange fetish for chicken and he pays the family a lot of money to let him keep and "play" with his chicken in the privacy of their yard.
So we've named this guy Chicken Lover(south park reference).
My brother decided to take it to the next level and say that maybe the chicken thing is a cover-up and he's there to screw the old lady in the family or even worse the little 5 year old girl(I know... sick). He figured as the family is so poor and only one member is employed, that it's impossible for them to live off that little money and that shady old dude must be paying a lot for letting him hang around there all day.
It's a retarded inside joke I know but today I saw something really weird. While I was eating with my brother we noticed the guy digging in the garden. we didn't make much of it until he turned around.
The rear of his pants were down and his white old dude ass was sicking out. I couldn't believe it. This was no accidental butt crack coming out of the pants. It was a complete full moon. And the little 5 year old girl was running around and playing in the garden. And she kept running where this guy was and laughing and this guy laughing also. It would have been normal behavior except this weirdo was showing her his naked ass. this was happening in the back yard and the rest of the family was in the front yard. It completely ruined our meal and freaked us out.
Could it be my brother was right???
could this be some kind of strange pedo activity in my neighborhood?
I think you or your brother should moon the little girl and see what she does. What could go wrong?
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It would have been normal behavior except this weirdo was showing her his naked ass.

Probably the best sentence I've read today.
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OT: I think you should wait for a bit to see what happens. Maybe you could talk to the family about it? But, that might make it awkward for you for them to know that you're looking in their yard and such.
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Probably the best sentence I've read today.

Yeah, that small little detail there

And er... I dunno. Keep looking out for suspicious activities?
Yeah I think you should make a video or pictures so you'd have evidence. And once you have it you could give it to the police. And you could ask the little girl about what that man is doing there.
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seriously though, I think you should keep watch on that guy and get some pics. If the worse is to happen you will have on hand evidence.
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I think you or your brother should moon the little girl and see what she does. What could go wrong?

I read this before I read the OP. Pretty big lolwut moment.

Anyway, do what this guy says TS.

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