you first travelled to a different country alone ? I live in Canada and im going to England in October i'll be 19 then and its my first time going over seas alone, so I was wondering how old the rest of the pit was when they first travelled alone. Also where did you go and how did you find flying and travelling alone and what was it like.
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I was 1 and a half when I moved from England to Canadeh.

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Well, I'm 15, I went to Finland from Sweden with my class last fall.

I didn't go "Alone", but i went without my parents to another country for the first time.
I was 14 then.
I've never been to another country, let alone...alone, and I'm 17.
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I'm amazed at the young age people travel alone at in the Pit.
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Went to Dublin last summer. Ok, so it's only an hour or two on the train, but it's still in a different country and I was alone.
I've traveled through a few different states without my parents, but I've never been out of the country without them, and I'm 18.
Not to another country, but I went to North Carolina by myself when I was 8 I was scared shitless
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Depending on your definition of alone, me and 5 mates go to wales every year.
We first went when we were 15.

Alone probably means without your friends.

Anyway, I've never traveled to another country alone. I can't imagine doing it; don't see the fun in it.
I've yet to do that...

Though I've travelled with my class to Sweden-Poland-Germany-Sweden-back to norway.
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It wasn't alone, but none of my family were with me.

I went to Paris a few weeks I go.

So 15
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14 and i went by ferry and coach so it was pretty boring sitting next to an albino kid for 17 hours with some kind of narcotic

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The only time I traveled alone was from coast to coast across the US and I ran out of money in New Mexico and had to beg on the side of the street for money and sell all my video games.
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