so then i posted this in the metal tone thread and had no replies so then basically:

Is the Peavey vypyr the best budget amp for metal??

Im asking as im currently selling my Vox AD30VT as its a great amp but missing massivly in the heavy gain department.

I used to own an ENGL Powerball but sold it when my daughter came along for space and funds - i know im never going to get that quality of sound from a budget amp but thats just for an idea of the level of gain and tone i would like to achieve.

Im in the UK and have a budget of £200 max which i know i can get the vypyr 30 for £150 but my problem is i like to be able to switch between clean/overdrive channels with a footswitch and with the vypyr i would then need the sanpera pedal which takes the price closer to £300 and from reading the reviews its definatly worth the extra for the sanpera II

I dont gig so this is for home use only and a headphone outlet would be ideal for late night playing

Sound i would like as said above would be close to what i could achieve from my ENGL Powerball, basically a very similar sound to Rammstein but with the ability for a lower gain sound for bands such as The Damned and Offspring a clean sound would also be nice but i dont need the best clean in the world as i dont use it that much.

i will be playing through an EMG 85/81 equiped PRS Shamray replica with ebony fretboard (CS-1985 - See Sig)

i have no problem buying used but would prefer if i was to get a vypyr to get new as there seems to be a common complaint about reliability.

as for used stuff i prefer to buy in store so im off to electromusic in doncaster next week so it will depend on what they have in (its the best guitar shop withing 100 miles)
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i haven't tried the vypyr 30 but maybe also consider a roland cube 30x? i think you can get a footswitch for it which isn't too dear.
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The Vypyr is a REALLY good practice amp, sooo many tones out of that thing its crazy. Not sure this is valid in the UK but right now if you buy the 75 or 100 in the US you get a free Sanpera I footpedal which in the US means if you bought the 30 watt + the Sanpera I it would be the same price as the 75w with the free Sanpera I
Why don't you buy a Multi-fx? If you don't mind playing with headphones this might be the way to go.
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Why don't you buy a Multi-fx? If you don't mind playing with headphones this might be the way to go.

i like to play properly also when i get some time during the day and its nice to be able to turn the volume up and have a play, i always find it a great way to blow off some steam after a stressfull day at work.

when i go to the guitar shop if they have them i may see if i can try the vypyr out with a sanpera 1 & 2 and if i think ill be ok with the 1 i may see if i can get the amp & sanpera <£200

BTW i have tried out a vypyr and was impressed im just trying to make sure i cover all my options before parting with the cash.
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Cube 30x does High gain very well, in fact almost all the tones are very good. I would recommend it over the vox, haven't heard the viper though.
i know its not the ideal way to test an amp but ive been browsing youtube and i cant seem to find a decent demo of the cube 30x am i missing somthing or is there just a lack of decent youtube vids.

it looks like the 2 main contenders are decided anyway, currently verging towards the vypyr but purly as i havent had chance to try a cube.... yet i think ill check early next week if any local shops stock cubes to give them a test run.
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