So I got a Line 6 UX2 and I have the old Pod Farm and Guitar Rig 4. Problem is it's information overload, and I feel like it is difficult to pinpoint the type of tone that I want and need, especially since I need some Death Metal distortion going on.

Any recommendations, or do you know a place where there are user created presets?
Hey I have pod farm and if you want the metal tone I strongly recomment getting the Metal Shop expansion from line 6.

Here's a demo of a recording I did with one of the amp sims that comes with it (it's kinda crappy because my playing isn't tight) : http://www.4shared.com/audio/K58Bmyg_/DownWTS_part1.html

EDIT: It's always always best to try out your own tones! If you just pick presets then you'll never be able to explore the full capabilities of an amp or an amp simulator thing. I suggest read some stuff on tone and recording.
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If you're using POD Farm pick an amp head such as the Soldano (Solo 100) or the Mesa Rectifier (Treadplate Dual) or perhaps The Line 6 Treadplate. Next use the "screamer" pedal and put all the knobs at 50% except for the drive which you can put around 0%-10% (but if you're looking for a lot of gain you might want to put this a lil higher). For your cabinet try the Line 6 4x12, Treadplate, or the Brit Celest v30. Of course you'll want to use the noise gate pedal as well.

Once you have this set up put all your amp settings at 5 (noon) and then tweak from there. If this is still too much you can just use the Line 6 Insane amp model and put everything at 5 and tweak from there.
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