I tried to record some guitar stuff with Total Recorder, but it doesn't work properly. The problem is I'm using a Line6 Toneport UX1, but the software I'm using is Guitar Rig 3. So when I record it does record my guitarplay, but without the effects from Guitar Rig 3, since selecting the toneport as input obviously doesn't add the effects from Guitar Rig.

Is there a way to record the sound from Guitar Rig rather than the clean sound from my guitar that's coming directly from my toneport (and has no effects because I'm not using the crappy toneport software) with just Total Recorder? Is this actually possible at all? Or lies my alternative in either using the Line6 software or buying the Guitar Rig toneport (with driver, obviously)?


you would need to load guitar rig as a plugin instead of running as standalone if thats possible in your DAW. iv never used total recorder but this should fix ur problem man