I have for sale a Greco (Gibson lp copy) 1978 Les Paul, with three pick ups like a Frampton (whoever he is) its a sweet tonally brilliant guitar, with great action and playability and comes with a hard case - £500

I have a tele pre 1982 stripped back to the wood, so would suit someone who would like to add oil to the finish or someone who likes them stripped (like me) its only £300

also I have a 1970s Kay, it looks a bit like a coronado wildwood to me, and is low on action and high on fun, mental garage sounds, and cool solos. quite sad to see it go. £200

also Boss blues driver £50 and Hendrix wah (without feet) £50
Its no slight, I just dont know his playing, I love the small faces and I know he played in humble Pie, But I just cant take to Humble pie at all