i play mostly in drop b (slipknot...) and if i tune back up to standard E again the the bottem strings completely change sound, they loose their sustain and just simply die after dong it a few times.
I use 9' gauge strings if i was to get heavier gauge strings would this problem continue or is there no alternative?
Any replies would be helpful
if you're tuning to drop B, you should definetely have at least 12 gauge strings on your guitar if you dont want the strings to feel like spaghetti

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Yes, it'll only get worse with heavy bottom strings, best solution get a new guitar, and decide whether it is gonna be a standard tuned or drop tuned guitar, and have them both professionally set up for the tunings they are in.

What gauge strings are you using for drop b? If you're not using thick strings that low it'd be a slinky mess. So I'm assuming you've currently got some thicker strings on there. When you tune up you are going to want to throw on some thinner strings like .010's or .09s or else there is going to be assloads of tension on the strings and neck.
try ernie ball not even slinky, 12-56. Or, I once saw a set of 10-60, try to find some 12-60 maybe
Does it matter what type of guitar i have?

i have got a fender squier strat

and wouldn't a 12- 56 set f strings warp the neck?