I'll try to keep the story short, but:

Pretty much i live with my mom and my brother, and her and my dad have split up about a year ago and he is making violent and harassing phone calls and threats. That isn't what the thread is about.

As of late he keeps calling and leaving messages making claims my mom is feeding my lies and whatnot, so i told him im done talking to him if hes gonna keep saying that. He has even been calling family and friends all over saying stuff to them.

So, i decided to leave my aunt (on his side) a message saying that i won't talk to him, and if it keeps going on, i am going to start calling them and such like him.

TLDR: read the last little section.

Is that considered an unlawful threat or is it reasonable? The reason why i'm asking is cause we have been considering calling the police on him harassing and was wondering if they could just call about my threat.
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I don't understand your threat. Are you saying you're going to call and harass his family in order to stop him from calling and harassing your family? Because if that's what you're saying that's one of the most retarded things I've read on this forum.
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So you have basically threatened to harass your aunt, because your dad is harassing you, and you want to know if its legal?

Dunno much about legality, but its a dick move, what did your aunt do?
Not illegal - just stupid as far as i can see.
You're threatening your own aunt cos you dad is threatening her...?
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I have a feeling he just worded it weird.

You are planning on calling the cops to get him to stop right?
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