Well, basically i play a half scalloped Ibanez GRG270 Bkn with a blocked trem. It's strung with the bottom half of D'Addario Medium Top / Heavy Bottom .030-.042-.052 for chunky low's and mid's and the upper half off Ernie Ball Super Slinkys .009-.011-.016 for clear high's and smooth bend's without fretting out.

As im still learning i play a whole lot of different styles in a lot of different tunings, this means i tune my guitar about 3 times per session.

My concern is that my neck might twist due to the difference in string tension between the upper and bottom 3 strings. Also, is excessively tuning the guitar harmfull to the neck?

Sorry for the bigass question
it should be allright, if you notice any change in the neck all you need to do is give the truss rod a little adjustment
You're neck will be completely fine
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Did anyone find this a bit... Punny?

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