looking for a nice little mirco stack for bedroom and for practicing and maybe gigging as well so in other words an all rounder i play anything from blues to metal so think gary moore clapton zztop GnR up to pantera metallica etc so needs to be a pretty versitile amp

so any suggestions out there i am thinking the vox night train but opinions will be great plus means i can spend lots of time in the local guitar shop bugging the shop people lol
also consider the valvepower 18 watter. it won't do metal or hard rock without a boost, but neither will the vox, i imagine.

maybe consider some of those new jet cities? (haven't tried them yet) that might actually be the best bet for versatility, considering they have master volumes.
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yea i will be using a tube screamer and other pedal with it when i get one just need some other choices thrown at me lol
Blackstar amps...check out their new Venue series, it looks like the HT-20 might be your amp.
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The Night Train has plenty of gain but isn't voiced for metal even with an OD pedal. If you want it to sound like a metal amp you'll need a heavy metal pedal, something like a Tone Freak Severe, OKKO Dominator, Xotic BB Preamp, Monster Effects Mastortion, Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde, Suhr Riot, etc.

Blackstar make a few amps that are voiced in the Metallica area. Though, again, you'll need an overdrive/distortion pedal to reach Pantera levels of saturation. A tubescreamer would also work in this situation, particularly one that will allow you to alter the EQ after the amp, which can be effective at creating the semblance of a Pantera-type sound.