So... Just in case I spend money I don't need to, can I have an ac adapter from one pedal supply power to another via patch cable or so I need another adapter
you can buy a power brick that connects to multiple pedals to save needing multiple plugs.

havent got a link at the min but any guitar shop should stock them
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There are little daisy chain adapters too. Thy take the one plug, an splits it off into usually five.
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I have this thing for pedals.

It works good and has about 500ma of power which is nice for the few pedals it can fit on there.

If you need more power and have a bit to spend I'd jump on one of these.

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I have the Fuel Tank Jr., it does what it should, powers my pedals without adding any noticeable noise. VoodooLabs Pedal power is supposed to be goo too, but its pretty expensive, ~$170 IIRC.
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thats all you need unless you really need pro quality noiseless sound. not that this is noisy, its just otehrs are obviously better. this is 25-30 bucks power 6-8 pedals flawlessly.

my roomie uses one with about 6 pedal ranging from wahs, boss, digitech whammys etc. powers all of them at once fine.

it even has 9 volt adapters and vintage style adapters. best power supply under 100 bucks. they sell at musicians friend, guitar center, etc
yep. i know cause i personally hooked them all up and tested it out. worked fine. can it power 6? well i dont know. i know with all the pedals he had, i hooked them up and it worked fine. lets see:

boss tuner, boss ds1, boss dd7, cry baby, digitech wah, and possibly my boss os2.

but i dont have that digitech. in fact i only have 3. so its fine for me. why buy a brick when A im not a pro musician and B i dont have 20 effects on my baord. 1 spot for me please.
The whammy doesn't work with most, if not all, power supplies that aren't it's own. Don't be a dumb@$$!

I have something like one of these:

and run a couple of them that draw harder on their own supplies... I built my own board out of plywood and 2x3s and attached the petals and a powerstrip/surge protector to it and hooked everything up to that. Works great... the brick I have is a cheaper one though... I'm trying to remember where it was available at because it was ~$30 and powers 5 petals beautifully and silently (unless it's a phasor/wah, those add some noise on AC power, not sure why).
Sorry to hijack, sort of, but Malekko says that their pedals need "regulated power supplies," what exactly does this mean? And would a Fuel Tank Jr fit this need?
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Yes. The fuel tank is fine. The BBE is probably the cheapest regulated one with more than 5 outputs.

Regulated one means that each output will be controlled and protected, and have it's own dedicated current output. Some bricks are basically just an expensive daisy chain in a box (stay away from the Gator and the dunlop)