Hey guys,
So, I just bought another amp; 6505+ after seeing a non metal video of it. I have to say that I was actually impressed by the tones that it's capable of reaching. Instead of plugging it into the Mesa 4x12 that I originally planned on getting, I decided to run the preamp into a clean PV Classic 30. Can't really describe my tone, but it was somewhere between SRV / David Gilmour / plain vintage. Now, I was wondering what cab / speakers you guys think would work well in keeping / improving this tone. I was looking at a few local cab makers, and Texas Heat's and Alnico Blue's for the speakers. Not sure how Greenbacks would work here?

Looking for a vintage, breakup-sounding cab; 2x12 at the least.


No budget, really
does the 6505+ have an internal load? Was it hooked up to speakers when you used the preamp?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Seems like it, but I can't be sure. It was plugged straight into the power section, but I only had the volume on one. Definitely not smart, but curiosity always gets me
Doubt it'd blow on that
Ear Candy Buzzbomb? Emperor 2x12? Perhaps a Splawn cab? Avatar 212?

Check out Warehouse Guitar Speakers, as well as Scumbacks.

Mesa cabinets are very high quality, OP. I wouldn't pass one up just because lots of people use them for br00t4lz m3t4lz.
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i got a few options for vintage here, but some of it requires how interested you are in getting old speakers.

i personally have an orange ppc212 with (1) alnico weber blue dog (clone of an pre rola alnico blue) and (1) ceraminc weber silver bell(clone of a pre rola alnico marshall oem speaker). both rated at 100 watts, for 200 watts total power handling. you may want a power rating closer to you head rating for a bit of speaker breakup and a bit more sensitivity. the effect is very old school marshall sounding, nice and wild. classic.

me and a friend a have a 2x12 with a nice weber jenson P12N ceramic and a vintage eminence 1228K alnico (like old music man and sunn alnico speakers). very very classic sounding. lower power handling for ~60 watts, responsive.

another cab in the make is a 2x12 with a reeves fane purple speaker clone and a vintage ampeg cts squareback. this setup actually is one of the old hi-watt setups at one time.

i really recommend hitting up local scenes as well, i don't know where you are from, but closer to big cities you can get old cabinets for way cheap. my friend just picked up a '69 2x12 bassman cab for about 100 bucks... why? A: "cuz the speakers were blown", Q: "original speakers?", A: "umm, yeah?"

plenty of stuff like that. here is what i got for a 100 bucks local:

1974, 6x10. it has a speaker with a rubbing voice coil. they are big and heavy so no one wants to ship them, so they go cheap local. also have an old '68 leslie model 16 from when i drove through atlanta, found it on craig's list for fairly cheap.

couple new speakers and bam.
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