I have a peavey 6505+ an it is a little loose if you ask me. will emgs tighten up the sound similar to the way a tube screamer would. I played with an EMG equipped guitar in the store and it sounded tighter and also better than the way it sounds right now. plus actives are quiter than passive but do you guys think that the EMG route would be best or should i get a tube screamer instead? if i go for the tube screamer im probably gonna have to get a noise gate as well. *sigh* but i just dropped the cash on the amp
I have EMG's, the TS-9, and the Head. You either have to EQ it a bit more, turn the volume up, or run it into a better cab.
They won't do the same thing. EMGs are tighter sounding in that it is a more precise representation of what the string is actually doing - smaller magnets, less windings. It will totally change the way your guitar sounds for everything.
A tubescreamer is adjusting the EQ.
Do you like the sound of your guitar generally? Don't get EMGs, just try a TS - and mod that sucker to what you want.
If you don't like the sound of your guitar and want a more accurate and somewhat clinical guitar sound (think Pink Floyd after Roger Waters left) then by all means, get EMG's.
A TS sits nicely after any pup arrangement so regardless of what pup buy/build a TS as well.
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