there's probably a million of these, sorry in advance. I'll make it quick.

So I wanna get a small (well it doesn't have to be small, just cheap yet usable), synthesizer, the two I've seen so far are the Alesis Micron and the Korg Microkorg. I'm preferring the original over the XL so far from demos but apparently the vocoder is the biggest + over the original. The XL is also like $100 and I spend too much money on music stuff so yeah....

Anyways I was wondering from anyone who has had any experience with these synths (or others) and which would be better for dubstep "wobbles"? (and also drum sounds, although I'm not against getting a dedicated drum machine.)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K-j2FY9RLs (I think this one was actually made with Reason but w/e)

probably that kind of style is what I'm after.

Two other questions:

1) is it possible to Synth->amp->subwoofer? Like a car amp and sub? Or maybe just a home stereo with RCA in?
2) which one is better in general?
i got the micro korg and i get some nice sinth sounds
never tryed getting drum sounds from it and it has a headphone out so you could plug it into your car trough the mp3 jack if you have it

This is the Electronic Label Thread. It's a gathering of all the electo-minded kids in the Pit. That's probably the best place to ask.

But OT, I'm a Korg fan, just because I don't have money for a synth and Korg's what I always play with in the shops.

Edit: But seriously, go to that thread. They know their shit there.
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