I got the Korg Pitchblack Pedal last Christmas and I love it, however, yesterday I tuned down to drop-c and the pedal won't display anything when I play the low C. It's like i'm not even playing a note. I have a little bit of fret buzz and when I play the string very lightly and there's no buzz it only reads it sometimes, but is not accurately displaying the note. Is this a problem with the pedals? Can they only register pitches above C?

Thanks in advance...
My pedal works fine. Sometimes the Korg gets confused when it picks up multiple signals. Try muting all the strings except the low C. If that doesn't work, try the Low C 12th fret; it should be the same note. Don't know why your Pitchblack is doing that. Mine works like a charm; from E standard to Drop A
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