I own two Gibsons, a Flying V and an SG standard. The V has never given me much trouble with staying in tune, but at times it can be frustrating. The SG on the other hand has been going out ever since I bought the thing a few months ago. I even had the bums at Guitar Center replace the high E string tuner because it was completely faulty, the damn thing unwound on its own after 30 seconds of playing. Even with brand-new strings, the D, G, and B strings go out of tune after playing only a couple songs, and I'm lucky if G stays in tune at all. The tones the thing puts out are amazing and I love the guitar, but I don't play it nearly as much as my Flying V simply because it won't stay in tune.

Does anybody else have this problem with their Gibsons or Gibson tuners? If their tuners have a history of being shitty I'll just replace them with something reliable instead of more Gibson-brand garbage.

Thanks folks.
This will sound silly to you but it makes a HUGE difference how you put your strings.

Scroll down the page a little to the picture showing how to put the strings on.

I can't comment on gibsons tuners but if it's really bad go with some locking sperzels.
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Your SG hasn't had a Bigsby trem fitted to it has it?

I've never heard of an inherent problem with Gibson tuners but anything can be faulty. There are a lot of good aftermarket varieties you can choose to replace them if they have gone cactus on you.
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Try restringing the same way as Matt S already told you. Also, rub pencil shavings in the nut grooves.
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i also have tuning problems on my gibson SG
however, my nut is pretty much dead and ugly and everything, i should replace it soon...

if it doesn't work, i'll get new tuners though, it's ridicuous to see my yamaha pacifica holds in tune better (though since I've had it, the gibson definitely has improved)
Depends on the model of gibson. The "vintage white" circular tuners have a tendency to not be quite as good as other tuners, but not nearly to the extent you seem to have. Nothing Gibson makes should have those issues... Sure it's the tuners? Your nut might be bonked, or maybe even the bridge. One of those two would easily explain why it seems to be certain strings...

Usually, Gibson uses Grovers, so I dunno man... You shouldn't really have problems :\ Fresh tuners (regardless of brand) oughta solve it. If you buy new, may as well go for locking tuners, though, just because they are inherently advantageous.
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I would check to see if your nut is good, there is a chance that the tuner could be crap, or you could just be stringing it wrong.
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It ain't the tuner, and it most likely ain't your string job either. It's the nut (and its not anything wrong with the nut really either). Just put some lube on the nut. Thats all. It will fix your guitar instantly I can almost guarantee it. Gibsons, with the headstock angle and especially with the G string, are notorious for jumping all over the place tuning wise. I bought a $5 bottle of "Graphitall" from my local music store and put it on the nut and bridge, and every tuning issue with my Les Paul disappeared instantly like a fart in the wind.
Gibson Deluxe tuners are pretty Weak!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow