A piece I've been working on very slowly for the past whatever weeks. It started off as me wanting to make a very Cynic-esque tune, but I pretty much wrote whatever riff I thought would follow nicely after that.

I guess I was aiming for a proggish, somewhat jazzish sound, like a Voivod, King Crimson, or Atheist kinda thing. I guess I would just label this as experimental metal. It sort of ended up sounded a bit Protest the Hero-like and a bit melodeath like at some parts too, I guess

Anyways, will get back to c4c's whenever possible, and here is teh file;
Singularity. Redshift.gp5
Well then.

Interesting piece off the bat, although it does start off sounding a bit rough around the edges considering the dissonance it did pique my interest considering the cynic influence - although the influence is unmistakable I would not be able to say that it sounds like cynic at all, the mood really doesn'T come off the same way - where Cynic is spaced out and slightly floaty all over this sounds much rougher and in a way, unsettling - whether this is a bad thing or not really depends on the structural basis of the song and it falls a bit short in my opinion.

In a way I think this song would sound a lot better with vocals - there's a lot of place for them, all over the piece. Up to your Durr part the entire song sounds really solid and then it kind of loses focus and just ends out of nowhere - no repetition no sort of hook, just an interlude type thing, a star wars motif, and then boom, the song is done. It's kind of weird.

I think the piece would benefit from a solo around Riff C - the cynic riff afterwards kind of comes out of nowhere, but then the epicz riff is one of the best of the song, but it really suffers from being tossed onto the tune randomly.

I dunno, overall the first half has great ideas, the second half seems like a jumble of ideas, and although there's a good solid mindset behind the cynic influence it seems to fall short of being a song - sounds more like a riff salad right now.

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WTF? The Imperial March? XD

I like the inventive use of chords and octave harmonies in the beginning. The intro is pretty epic sounding.

I have to ask, the section starting at bar 28, is it really necessary to use alternating 5/4 and 3/4, even though it would fit into two bars of 4/4?

The thrash section at bar 13 was badass. That killed me. The repeat of the first riff after that was great.

The jazz groove at bar 39 was very out of place. I like jazz as much as the next guy, but there's a time and a place, and it didn't work here, IMO.

The drums were pretty sweet throughout. Much more inventive than I have the patience to put into my drum tracks.

Like JazzDeath said, the first half was great, but the second half "sounds more like a riff salad right now."
Yeah, as I was finishing the song, I started writing two other songs, and kind of focused most of my attention on those. I started maybe adding one or two sections every few weeks if I could think of any, and I was actually going to make the song longer, but got a bit lazy

Anyways, thanks for the comments and suggestions, my next pieces are much more cohesive if any of you would want to check it out