i was going to go for a stealth look but i really like the look of flake paints. and i think a black flake paint would be cool. but then i was thinking. it would be cool if it was like black but with like a VERY VERY subtle iridescence to it( like black flake paint with overtop of a mystic dream guitar.). and with like a gold flake. and i was thinking about getting like a maple neck for it. and bare knuckles pickups with burnt chrome covers. and like all ibanez hardware(ibanez edge pro 7 bridge). and stuff. but where would i find a paint like this or how would i go about mixing a paint like this? is it even possible to paint something like this over a top that will be contoured like an ibanez s series guitar? how do you paint a flake paint? i definatly want to do this myself and have no one build it FOR me. if this is impossible i think i may just go with a black paint with gold flake. would this look good bare knuckles burnt chrome covered pickups ( http://www.hybridguitars.com/picture/shop/BNP%20burnt%20chrome%20cover.jpg ) and ruthinium hardware. im not good at pickturing things. should i go with some kind of rosewood fretboard or?...

woods on this guitar will be probably swamp ash with a mahogany tone block and there will be tone chambers or solid basswood (which may be good for building my first guitar but im going for perfection in tone and EVERYTHING) neck will be maple (because in my opinion that is the best neck material out there with wenge fillets and i dont know what kind of fretboard yet)

alright so hopefully you guys can help me out with these asthetic issues and what not giving me opinions on what colours will go go with what. and what kind of paint i should use ! thats the main question here.