so I'm starting to look out for a new amp, I just missed an opportunity on a 900 bucks Marshall 6100, and I really liked it, it made me get mad, and now I want an amp.

I'm going to get it eventually, this summer, but I really want to start looking out for one now.
What I'm looking for ?
I play alternative rock, mostly, and I don't really play stuff from other bands anymore, mostly mine; my 2 bands are in my sig, if you need a reference. I'm influenced by bands such as 30 seconds to mars, Placebo, Silversun Pickups, Muse...

I already have a traynor ycv40wr and a fender twin, and I'm keeping both. What I would want is a crunch amp, with a budget of up to 1000 CAD, I'd say 1200 if I stretch it.
So that's the tone I really want, a crunchy tone, not too much high gain since I wouldn't use it, i'd say the heaviest i'd go is 30stm style
What I've been considering so far

Vox ac15/30 that I'd crank the hell out of
marshall jcm800, marshall 6100 (i really liked this one a lot)
some kind of mesa (though that's starting to get too gainy, most of the time...)
some kind of plexi clone

I don't have many more ideas though, I've been thinking of going to try out some blackstar and egnater amps

I AM willing to go used, and I would actually rather do since i'm more likely to get bang for my buck.
If I end up getting a head, the budget would be for the head alone as i already have a decent enough cab, and i would get a 2x12 later on.

as for the rest of my gear, i have a lot of pedals (don't feel like typing the list so http://i39.tinypic.com/kefabm.jpg)

As for the guitars, I use a gibson SG, a les paul, an ibanez rgt42fx, a modded strat, a fender jaguar, and in 2 or 3 weeks i'll have a musicman silhouette

now, let's go, help me out =)

tl;dr: amp for a crunchy distortion, won't go metal with it though, 1000$ budget for combo or head, 1200 top top top
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Hard to say no to a JCM800. Maybe a Laney AOR? They're a gruntier 800 really. Some good modern Laneys out there too. How crunchy? Sabbath or less?
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i didn't think about laney at all, but i'll check these out for sure! the thing is, being in Montreal, there aren't so many stores that carry Laney, and the used market for them isn't great...
I mentionned the jcm800 but the only time I heard it in person, I was disappointed, it sounded a bit sterile to me... however, I want to try one for myself, before I say anything

oh and by the way, a clean channel wouldn't be NEEDED, since I'd probably do an a/b setup with the twin for cleans

As for Black Sabbath, I'm not sure, the tone is a bit heavy for me, I wouldn't want it to be THAT tight I guess, I'm still looking for a tone I really like, I'll post when I find it =)
All right, I found a few crunches I do like =)

placebo, the bitter end

billy talent, the ex
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkb9ceNOyX8&feature=related (when he plays chords in the intro)

Silversun Pickups, substitution
I really like this ''clean'' tone, I'd really love having something like this but with more saturation... not talking about the choruses with fuzz there, just the clean verses

same for mr. brightside, by the killers, great crunchy clean, but i'd like more saturation

or something amongst those lines maybe? a bit less tight
def leppard, photograph

as you can see, i'm not really in br00tz0r, i'm not looking for a metal tone, rather something loose enough, because to me, fuzz isn't always the answer =)

edit: oops sorry for the double post
that would be a fender bassman clone IIRC... I already have the twin for all my fendery needs, I'd like to get a bit of a UK flavored gain

however, how would a jcm900 work? found a head for 500 CAD...

edit: thanks to Sguit, also found a Fargen mini plex for 800 bucks, that could be quite interesting, though it's a bit low on volume...
edit2: or an orange ad30 for 900...
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