It's a G&L Legacy Tribute, with Alnico V pickups. Hard Ash body with a maple neck.

So far I'm thinking of swapping my pickups for Lace Golds. Good Idea?
I'm still trying to decide if I want Golds or Hotgolds.

I also want to shield it's pick guard and cavities, best choice of shielding to go with?

Lastly I want to add the Clapton midboost in. The guitar has one huge cavity inside instead of three separate ones, so space shouldn't be too much of in issue. Hopefully I'll be able to run the battery to where the trem springs are and velcro it to the sides.

I love the feel of this guitar to death, so that's why I opted modding it instead of saving up for a clapton strat. Does everything sound solid?
I also have a Tribute Legacy, and love it to death.
I think you have some good ideas. Shielding is definitely worth doing. I have used both shielding tape and aluminum foil + spray adhesive. The tape is more expensive, but less messy. If you do use foil, get the heavy duty stuff.

Definitely put the battery in the trem cavity. You don't want to have to remove the pickguard to change batteries.
does sheilding change tone? how? any why do it? cause if a wire touches the sheild you get hum or a short right? so why bother. i mean i was about to, but i dont want to worry about a wire touching the foil.

a possible suggestion. a different capacitor/pot with a treble bleed circuit? wouldnt that allow more mellow tones without loosing treble and sounding muddy?
I believe that the Legacy is already wired with a treble bleed cap from the factory, mine was.
Shielding does not change tone, it reduces hum and radio interference. If a bare wire touches the foil it will short to ground (because you ground the foil), but that is not really a concern. An insulated wire touching the foil still functions normally.
Is the difficulty just in soldering everything? I've got experience soldering, but not with any other guitar tech.