So Im planning on buying that Boss Micro BR thing because ive read only good things about it, but I need a reliable, quality pair of headphones because I want to record with it, so I need a pretty good sounding pair so I have a clear feeling of what im recording. Im looking for a pair that has pretty decent bass (not like hip hop or techno bass, just like clear bass guitar) but also sound good with high pitches and the treble. I usually play like punk rock of pop punk, grunge, rock, pretty much genres with alot of distortion, so yea just a good pair in that area. I really only want to spend around $50-100, (im not expecting top notch quality) but will go up to 200 if there is a fantastic pair or something. anyway thanks for the insight.
check out these http://www.extremeheadphones.com/ I was playing with a band at the beginnning of this year and for a few weeks we practiced in the studio of the guy who invented them. They are the same type that paul gilbert and the blue man group uses, along with many others (i think he said the drummer from breaking benjamin uses them sometimes too). But anyways, We used them during practices to keep volumes low while still being able to use drums, and they are great. We could wear them for ten hours straight, and they are so comfortable you dont even notice them. They sound great, and their big "selling point" is that there is no sound bleed, which makes them ideal for recording. I think they run around $100, and all the parts are replacable if necessary. They also dont need batteries.
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Sennheiser HD 280 Pros

They run at about $100 and they are quality sounding headphones
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