So I've read up a lot on some of my favorite bands rigs and I heard Parkway Drive likes to use the Peavey 6505+ through a Mesa recto cab with a Maxon 808OD pedal. Now I see a lot of setups like this that large name bands are using and I feel like I'm missing something. So you have a super BA amp with butt-tons of distortion... but you're throwing an OD pedal on too? Now I'm an amp newbie so I'm sure I'm missing something, but wouldn't that just sound like a mumble of fuzz?
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You don't throw the OD in front of the amp and dime the settings to 11. You use the pedals to tighten up the sound (vol: 9 - 10, gain 0.5 -1), or use the pedal to add a different texture to the OD channels.

A JCM800 with a Lovepedal Kanji will sound somewhat different from a JCM800 with a DLS.
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It's used as a boost not a distortion pedal.
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Something along the lines of pushing the V1 tube harder which in turn makes more desirable break-up. Its important to note though that using a tubescreamer or any OD is not the same as turning up the gain.
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