hey everyone, im new to the forums and fairly new to guitar aswell.
im into metal but only have a 15w fender frontman and a squier bullet strat.

my pickups on the squier are pieces of crap and the amp is alright but has barely any distortion.

I was wondering whether I should get a new amp first (I would probably get a Marshall MG 15w with effects) or a new guitar (which would be a sweet Jackson dinky, I don't know what model exactly but its got a tremolo bridge with Seymour Duncan humbuckers and is only $850 AUD which is like $759 USD)

why not? i heard the old ones were crappy but the newer model is supposed to be pretty good
...So... You're going to get an MG15, or a $750 Dinky?



Anyway, to answer your question, the amp is infinitely more important for obtaining a desirable sound. The MG15 won't get you anywhere near a desirable sound, however.

They are very appealing amps to beginners, but take it from all of us who've been playing: we've been there, and wish we'd never gone there.

If you need a practice amp, the Peavey Vypyr is the most versatile, best sounding one out there.

But if you have that big of a budget, there is much, much more you can do.
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if you have the money for a dinky then get something like a blackheart or a fender blues junior + pedals, it will make you happier
You have enough money for a Blackstar HT-5 Combo, sure it doesn't come with effects but tbh I find it more comforting then a starter amp. If you do want a new guitar then that Jackson sounds okay but we need more info but don't expect your sound to change a big deal.
if you have that kind of money then you might as well get a used 5150. Nothing can get you a better sound for metal in that price range.

Guitar and pickups come later

KID-edit: Just saw you were a fellow Aussie... scrap the 5150 and think about a peavey vyper. If you can stretch your budget a bit look into a vyper 60

KID-edit 2: A thought to remember AUD$850 is no where near US$700 when it comes to gear... no where. At that price range your looking at US$200-400 guitars and amps
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If I were you I'd take that money you have (which is obviously close to ~$750) and buy a 30w Peavey Vypyr + some guitar ~$500 mark. Upgrades in both areas.

Oh, you're using AUD, possibly disregard my comment, I'm talking USD (could still be applicable though)
I agree with OffWorld92, go for a Peavey Vypyr. I've got one and they're the best beginner amps for the value. I got mine for £90, which is like $130. The Peavey Vypyr's sound is amazing for it's price, and it has lots of effects (you get extra stomp box effects with the models above the 15w).
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No amp is going to sound "amazing" with that starter guitar, if anything the flaws should show more! IF you're not gigging get a decent guitar that's reliable first and master playing it instead of your amp's controls. Save up for a good amp in the meantime and you'll need to test drive it with your guitar anyway. Then if you do gig you can always rent an amp when required.
Moving on.....
Well, since you're new to guitar, I would say get a new guitar first. Your ear isn't quite trained enough to be very decisive as far as tone goes, so you may as well get a guitar that isn't going to hold you back at all. After getting the guitar, I would save up for a peavey vyper
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