I just got a big muff the other day, and I really love the tone of it for the most part, however I am the rhythm guitarist in my band, and hence I play lots of chords, and it appears that when I use the big muff during chords, they sound really muddy. Does anyone know how I could fix this? Either by adjusting the knobs on the big muff, or by changing the EQ on my amp? Also... I have a boss compressor I can use if that would help? Anyone have any advice/ideas?

Thanks alot.
By chords, do you mean major chords, barre chords, jazz chords or powerchords?
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I have absolutely no problem with chords being muddy on my Russian muff and I like to use lots of 7ths and such. Just keep your gain not retardedly high and your tone up enough for it to have a good amount of high-end since that's where all the definition is.


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'sustain knob' no higher than 3 usually does it for me
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