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I go to quite a lot of local gigs, and I keep seeing epiphone les paul customs and epiphone thunderbird basses. What guitars/basses are popular in your area? GO!
Epiphone Sg special <---meh

Peavey Vypyr 30 <---awesome

People seem to have an ESP / LTD fetisch going on over here.

I play one myself aswell, and it's great.

Lot of Strats. No one can afford a Gibson where I'm at.

Also I see multiple Martin acoustics on a daily basis, which would explain why no one can afford a Gibson.
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Ibanez. They are effing makes me a little sick actually. Flame me if you want, but has anyone else ever noticed the relationship between Ibanez guitars and the headcases that play them? Maybe its just in my area, but everyone wants to be the star of the band and SHRED LIKE OMG RAWK...grinds my gears.

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Strats for the classic rockers and usually Ibanez for the metalheads.
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In Sydney, LOTS of fender. Strats mostly, some teles. and 95% of all the basses I've seen are fenders, usually jazz.
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trats and gibson sg's
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jimmy hendrix wah
in Chicago, you have EVERYTHING!!!!! seriously!

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In Sydney, LOTS of fender. Strats mostly, some teles. and 95% of all the basses I've seen are fenders, usually jazz.

And everyone wanting to copy Slash end up buying a POS Epiphone Les Paul. Come to think of it I haven't really seen many other people use anything else than whats said here. Not me though
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People would leave guitars for me in a box on the doorstep with a note "Please look after little Johnie, we just cant cope anymore, all he wants to do is hook up with Marshalls, We thought he would be a fender boy.

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Near me it was usually epi's and a few gibsons, the occasional Ibby rg.

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Like tons of Strats, seems like the market is built around just Strats here. And then there's the irregular Epi Les Paul here and there, as well as a Gibson LP for those few with the money.
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All fenders and epiphone here:p Litterary haven't seen a single other brand used here, it's so bad that local shops only got 2-3 at most ibanez, ESP, jackson, guitars in stock xD
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coming up.

Ibanez (the shredders), Epi Les Paul (Slash wannabes), Epi SG/ Gibson SG special (Angus young wannabes) and BC Rich for the "metalheads". Cheap strat copies are played by those who actually care more about playing than equipment.
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White Epi Les Pauls.
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Fender Strats by all of the bluesy bands around. The more 'hardrock-ish' bands use Gibson SG's and LP's (sometimes Epiphones too) and then there's the metalguys, who use mostly Ibanez.
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Cruiser Strat Copies.

Cuz no one really plays real guitar around here, save a few people. Then there is no real trend apart from maybe B.C. Rich's
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I see a lot of Ibanez and Schecter shred-tyoe guitars. The bands that play classic rock tend to use Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Strats. There's a small place near here that caters to old sixties folk-rock stuff and a lot of the players I've seen there have some unbelievable acoustic guitars. God only knows how they can afford them.
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Guitars: Strats and Epi Les Pauls.
Basses: P-Basses, but I only know 4 bass players, I know 20+ Guitar players. (excluding myself in both, I don't follow the trend of guitars here.)
I actually need to think about this...

These are based on local gigs I've been to and not the location of the bands (which are often a couple of towns over).

I saw one classic rock band, the guy had a Gibson Les Paul with an Epi as backup.
A dodgy metal band, one guy had an Epi LP and the other had an Epi SG.
The biggest band my town has to offer were had a Camo PRS SE the other was using an Agile 8 string and an Ibby 7 string.
I think most of the bands supporting that same night used Ibanez.
When the pub round the corner from me did gigs I'm pretty sure most who played their used a Gibson or Epi Les Paul.

So yeah, it seems Les Paul style guitars are king round here.

Though I'm not going to say "OLOLOL SLASH WANNABE" like everyone in this thread seems to be...people do realise that the Les Paul is an iconic guitar and it's pretty hard to avoid them...Slash isn't the only person who plays one.
I play a strat, are you gonna say "Hendrix wannabe"?

Also, come to think of it I've seen a fair few Deans too...
The thing that's quite amusing is I just ranted a bit about people making lame assumptions based on the guitar type, but these guys were Dimebag wannabes.
last gig i went to, it was jacksons everywhere, and the occasional BC Rich.

my town is dominated by Ibanez and LTD. The older guys however (mostly blues and classic rock junky's) love their fender and gibson guitars, and i see them everywhere and anywhere.

i guess you could say, most guitarists in my town stick to their instrument stereotypes pretty solidly.
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Mostly Les Pauls, Tele's and Strats, with the occassional ESP/LTD or Ibanez superstrat thrown in, or a BC Rich for the br00talz.
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Telecasters. Ive seen everything from a hardcore band to a country band use them here. Hell, I even have one.
Ibanez. Most of them are the GIO series.
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Lot of Strats. No one can afford a Gibson where I'm at.

Also I see multiple Martin acoustics on a daily basis, which would explain why no one can afford a Gibson.

I agree with you about the strats...gibsons are just a tad too expensive around here. It's like if you own a gibson anything, you're broke and have no other gear lol
in mt Juliet ESP/ LTD because in the only two shop are sponsored carriers
but bellvue everyone likes charvels one week the music shop got a shipment of like 10-15 charvels. came back next week almost all of them are gone and they were around $1000 ones.
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barely anybody plays guitar in anywhere i live, my friend has a squier strat that he bought for $100
Up here in the North West USA (Seattle Area) I have seen pretty much damn near everything, As for Les Pauls and fender, those are the 2 most popular guitars in the world it makes perfect sense that people would see those more regardless of region.
Telecasters seem to be the guitar of choice round here. If you go out to watch live bands it's surprising to see one without a Telecaster. As far as basses go it's almost always a P-Bass.

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Guitar's there doesn't seem to be much of a trend in my area....but everyone and their mother has a freaking line 6 spider
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Little Rock = LTD and Schecter territory (most local bands play that 2step electronic gridcore crap...waste of a good guitar imo), a few Gibsons, actually haven't seen too many strats

oh and yea line 6 makes up about 85% of the local amp population
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So my band recently played our first gig, and it actually went great. There was only one problem though....
My band is pissed at me now for wearing a banana costume while I performed.

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